Environmental & Social Responsibility


Systemplus Elements acknowledges the need to conduct its business in a manner that is consistent and sustainable with protecting both the global and local environment. It will commit financial and personnel resources to fullfil this commitment to improving the environment and preventing pollution inline with this Policy.

  • The Managing Director takes responsibility for the environmental performance. The Senior Management Team and Management are responsible for implementing and monitoring the environmental strategy.
  • Systemplus Elements is committed to protecting the environment by complying with the relevant legislation and regulatory provisions, and to meeting appropriate national standards.
  • Systemplus Elements is committed to using materials, equipment and procedures that pose the least risk to the environment, both on its own and its clients premises.

Environmental principles will be adopted for purchasing consumables, minimising wastes, efficient use of energy and water, and ensuring that wastes are recycledwherever practicable and disposed of appropriately.

  • Systemplus Elements encourages the efficient use of the transport fleet to both optimise the utilisation of fuel and minimise emissions to the environment.
  • Systemplus will endeavour to positively influence clients and the public towards environmental excellence.

Systemplus Elements employees are given information on environmental awareness and its importance in maintaining and improving environmental performance. Initiatives that are being pursued internally include segregation of waste streams, recycling in general, using up old stationery for internal use, double sided photo copying and re-use of envelopes. Energy wastage is minimised by ensuring that lights are switched off when leaving rooms, electrical items are not left on standby, heating is properly controlled, and water taps are turned off and not running or dripping. Systemplus will take into account audit findings, changes in legislation, advances in scientific and technical knowledge and changes in organisational and industrial factors. Systemplus will monitor and review environmental performance.


Systemplus Elements have an awareness of needs throughout our community both here and abroad. We are affiliated with two special charities based on their unique needs. We provide support in different ways to these charities in what we can create at Systemplus or through financial donations. The charities we support are: